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2 Stroke Engine Tuning

Gordon Jennings Two Stroke Tuners Handbook

The Best Two Stroke Engine Tuning Article Of All Time By The Legendary Gordon Jennings!
Gordon Jennings Two Stroke Tuners Handbook Clearly the most comprehensive technical two stroke engine tuning article ever written. Gordon Jennings Two Stroke Tuners Handbook is conisdered the two stroke engine tuners bible. 2 stroke engine squish bandThis two stroke engine tuners document contains the formulas, theory, examples and illustrations to literally turn anyone into a professional two stroke engine guru.

Gordon Jennings was a life long motorcycle enthusiast and writer who worked as an editor for Cycle Magazine and Motorcyclist Magazine. Gordon had a natural love for anything mechanical and in 1973 published his Two-Stroke Tuner's Handbook which soon became a collectable highly sought after two stroke engine tuning guide. This two-stroke engine tuning article is courtesty of edj.net/2stroke/jennings/.

2 Stroke Engine Animation

Watch 2 Stroke Engine Animation Here

2 Stroke Engine Animaitions, Pics And Supporting Articles
This is one of the best 2 stroke engine animation gifs I have ever seen. It clearly shows the air fuel mixture as a green mist while entering the engine through the intake track. As the crank rotates the piston moves up first covering the intake ports and then covering the exhaust port 2 stroke engine transfer ports closedjust after the returning exhaust wave pushes the fresh mixture that was drawn down the pipe, and compresses it back into the cylinder. Finally the mixture starts to turn grey as it becomes volitile due to the extreme pressure just before the spark plug ignites the mixture with a red explosion pushing the piston back down the cylinder again. This 2 stroke engine animation is accompanied by an excellent article with several 2 stroke engine diagrams and indepth explanations of the 2 stroke engine cycle. This 2 stroke engine animation, article and diagrams are courtesty of www.southernskies.net.

2 Stroke Engine Troubleshooting

2 Stroke Engine Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

Videos And Articles About 2 Stroke Engine Troubleshooting.
Having trouble getting your 2 stroke engine started? This basic 2 stroke engine troubleshooting guide will help you get your 2 stroke engine running again. In this article we take a professional approach to basic 2 stroke engine troubleshooting. We show you how to check air, spark and fuel as well as providing tips to help you get it running again. This 2 stroke engine troubleshooting article is a good place to start if you just here to learn the basics about 2 stroke engine. This article was written by me, the creator of this website, Jim Marquardt.

2 Stroke Engine Oil

The Best 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Opinions On 2 Stroke Engine Oil
The best 2 stroke engine oil When it comes to 2 Stroke Engine Oils everyone has an opinion. There is nothing like the great smell of premix in the morning. In this article we explain the difference between petroleum based oils and synthetic based oils as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both. At the end of the article I recommend the oil that has worked the best for me. I have been running high performance 2 stroke engines for around 30 years in my dirt bikes. My passion is in motorcycle hillclimbing and in this sport we tune the engines to produce the most horsepower possible at wide open throttle. Hillclimbers are a true testimant to how a 2 stroke engine oil performs and protects in an engine at extremes. There are many good 2 stroke engine oils out there, and my hopes are this article will help you decide what type of oil you want to run.

Carburetor Jetting How To

How To Jet You're Mikuni, Keihin or Lectron Carb

Some Great Info On 2 Stroke Engine Carb Jetting
2 Stroke Engine Carburetor Jetting is something you absolutely need to know if your looking to get the best performance from your 2 stroke engine. On one hand, jetting changes can give you an inexpensive means to instantly increase horsepower, throttle response and power characteristics. On the other hand if done incorrectly, can lead to engine seizure, fouled plugs and a real bad day. Click the link above to explore carburetor jetting for Mikuni, Keihin and Lectron Carbs.

2 Stroke Engine Repair

Learn 2 Stroke Engine Repair

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2 Stroke Engine Rebuild

Step By Step 2 Stroke Engine Rebuild

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